JPS Odyssey 2016!

After 8 months of hard work and numerous fundraising efforts to finance a bus trip to a competition in Iowa, our 69 middle school and high school students almost lost everything within the span of a day due to a careless and irresponsible bus company. Students waited patiently for 15 1/2 hours, dismayed but hopeful, that a bus scheduled to arrive at 5:30 am would eventually turn up to take them to Iowa State University for a Worlds finals competition, that they had been preparing for all year. Since October, hundreds of hours were spent brainstorming themes and concepts, revisioning the use of common materials, constructing backdrops and props, finding the timely and appropriate expressions for each character, and creatively and cooperatively solving a problem. Unfortunately, the result of their labors remained uncertain. The scheduled bus company didn’t follow through with the contractual agreement and left nine teams wondering if all of their hard work, trip plans and money spent would be in vain. Thanks in part to numerous people working together in true O.M. spirit, students arrived in Iowa almost 40 hours later but at an enormous and additional expense. Please help us raise the funds to pay for their journey! All proceeds will go directly to JP Stevens HS Odyssey of the Mind to get them out of the “red”.

OM World Finals:

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