10 Coolest Typographic Infographics

A picture is worth a thousand words. But when that picture is itself made of words, your mileage may vary. Take the case of type-based infographics. Bad use of type clutters an image; it acts as decoration – yet becomes a roadblock to information transfer. However, good use of type can add an extra layer of data to a graphic. Text and type within an infographic can be used to place high-density packets of information within a larger context.

I found the following examples on InspiredMag.

1. The Evolution of Typography

2. The Periodic Table of Typefaces

3. So You Need a Typeface

4. Four Hundred Years of Academic Papers

5. Map of Science

6. Type Maps

7. Type Map of Italy

8. Who Owns US Debt?

9. XKCD Color Map 3D Visualization

10. Historyshots Map of Political Parties