LinkedIn recomendations for Kumar Kolaganti

Reflecting on the time I have spent working with Kumar, I have to first say that he is truly an exceptional professional and genuine personality which is hard to find in the workplace today. Kumar has repeatedly demonstrated his strength in visual and systems thinking as well as his ability to deliver on his commitments. He brings a unique mix of creativity, clarity and attention to detail in his visual and data analytics outputs. But he is also able to lead a team, manage complex development and deployment efforts, and deliver results. If Kumar is on the case, you know that you are in good hands.

— Don Robertson, Director IT,  KPMG LLP – ITS Global

Working with PMO Advisory gave me the resources, planning and knowledge that the copy department needed to overcome current challenges within the organization. Kumar was vital to the changes that positively impacted the team. This includes not only the process initiatives and facelifts to our deliverables but something that oftentimes consultants over look; the people. The employee experience was critical to the development plan and Kumar kept this in mind from the onset of the project. He always put the extra effort to ensure that the cultural changes that are a key risk in change management would be mitigated and that we put our best foot forward. Because of his approach, we were able to improve our custom content development processes by 27%

— Ashley H. Boehm Manager of SEO Campaign Managers at Martindale-Hubble.

“I had the pleasure of work with Kumar on a few very large deployment projects at Metlife for ATOS. We worked on the IE8, winxp SP3 and Office 2010 deploy project, our target was 45k workstations for each deployment. One of Kumar’s tasks was to create a process flow that was easy to understand and visualize for the projects. Kumar showed great strength in identifying all parts of the process and highlighting the gaps, so that the gaps can be addressed in a timely manner. Kumar was very approachable and many of the project managers depended on Kumar’s flow charts to assist them in depicting to their customers the project goals and approach. Kumar was great at understanding the specifics of the project and explaining it in laymen’s term.”

— Eddie Bangari, Manager II, AtoS International

“I have had the pleasure of working with Kumar on several different initiatives, and he has left a lasting impression as one of the most professional, hard working, and effective communicators I have ever worked with. He has a rare ability to capture volumes of subject specific information and distill that information down to its key points such that the appropriate message is conveyed in an effective and meaningful way. This is one of the many qualities that Kumar possesses that has made him such an asset to projects I have worked with him on. Others include his ability to work independently, his focus on deadlines, attention to detail and his inquisitive nature.”

— Leao Fernandes, Director at Metlife

“Kumar is truly a pleasure to work with and has a great many unique skills that make him invaluable to any employer. Not only is he a good project manager but what really sets him apart is his process design abilities. He has a truly amazing ability to take a verbal concept and create high end visuals to convey very complex ideas. He is dedicated, self driven and a great asset to any team.”

— Eliza Albronda, Executive Director, Global Adoption, KPMG International

“Kumar’s creativity and innovative thinking stands him apart from others, as he finds new ways to see problems and offer resolutions that are client-focused and cost effective. He also played a role as a transition coach at the start of my role, and in that capacity demonstrated strong coaching and mentoring ability, with an insight which enabled a smoother integration into the group.”

— Jacqueline Jones, Training Lead, KPMG

“Kumar has very good knowledge in information technology for IT strategy and planning, IT process, IT Project Management/Program Management. During my experience working with him, he has done an outstanding works for his responsible areas. He’s a good funny gentelman, and one of the best I’ve worked with.”

— Pavit Mekmok, CIO, KPMG Thailand

“Kumar has a real gift and equal passion for visual communications. He made countless significant improvements to all manner of visual presentations, helping to convey meaning through images and design. He is a very hard and dedicated worker who brings a lovely sense of decency, competence and calm to the environment in which he works. Kumar is a joy to work with and I have great respect for his talents.”

— Marta Van Ranst, Director, Communications, KPMG International

“It was my pleasure and privilege to work alongside Kumar Kolaganti as colleagues in KPMG’s Global Services Centre. Kumar’s impact on moving the focus and tone of the Global Adoption group’s offerings in process design, software project management/PMO and large scale deployments to a higher level was significant and noteworthy. Kumar’s talent for data and information visualization was also a principal part of engaging and enlisting the suport of senior leadership in behalf of our efforts and the significant growth in scope and stature we have achieved were the direct result of his vision and contributions. That success was due in no small part to Kumar’s dedication and unstinting efforts. His proactive approach and significant day-to-day involvement resulted in highly successful results. Both as a team member and an individual contributor, Kumar always brings his best, most innovative ideas to the table and will work tirelessly to produce results that exceed expectations. Being self-directed and deadline-driven, as well as paying attention to details and having an inquisitive nature are second nature to Kumar and I have never seen him give less than his best effort to any project. Kumar’s talent, enthusiasm, loyalty and integrity are rare and valuable commodities and I value him as a colleague and a friend. KPMG often refers to new service offerings as ‘investments’ and Kumar’s internal clients always walked away with a profit”

— George Weinand, Director, Training, Communication and Documentation – ITS Global, KPMG International

““Kumar Kolaganti an exceptional talent of multi-faceted skills such as strong Business Knowledge, in-depth Domain understanding, Creativity & Innovative thoughts, clear in Communication and excellent Presentation capabilities. He has a great zeal of enthusiasm to learn and adapt to new process & technologies at ease. Working with Kumar was a great learning experience particularly to find his thinking approach to problem solving using simple visual representations. My best wishes to Kumar- you are an excellent asset for whichever company you work for…All the Best””

— Amitava Ghosh, MS Technical Program Manager, TCS

“For the past four years, I have worked with Kumar – first as a global audit deployment manager and more recently as a global adoption executive. My early impressions such as detail to work, ability to meet tight deadlines, and just the approachability remains unchanged. This consistency reveals the strength of his character. As a project manager, he is often involved in multiple global initiatives, some of which are very large (multi-million, 150 countries). Even under tight time frame, Kumar is calm under pressure, asks the right questions (indicating his self-directed nature), deals with tough challenges, and always sets the expectation. Kumar also has the unique ability to present complex ideas, processes, and data and transform them into simple, intuitive visuals to effectively communicate the core ideas. It was a pleasure working with him, especially watching him receiving multiple rewards and promotions through his tenure at KPMG.”

 — Te Wu, ITS Global – Project Director & Director of Project Services, KPMG International

“Kumar is truly a role-model, have found him to be perfect in multi-tasking, attention to detail, always helpful and above all a great mentor & friend. His ability to create graphics, visio diagrams, power point presentations, charts, graphs through which he simplifies complex concepts is truly exceptional. He is an absolute pleasure to be around.”

— Latha Thomas, BA Lead on Medicare Subrogation, Medco Health Solutions

“I have the utmost respect for Kumar. Throughout our interactions since 2009, Kumar has always been respectful of me and my colleagues, generous with his time, and candid on his feedback. Kumar is truly gifted at simplifying complicated topics and he is especially comfortable in sketching clarifying visuals on a whiteboard. I wish more professionals were as patient and talented as Kumar.”

— Russell Williams, Sales Director (Northeast Region), RWD Technologies, LLC

“I have worked with Kumar and he has been a tremendous resource for several of my projects. Kumar always has time to lend a hand or provide information…he never says no regardless of how busy he is. Kumar is a phenomenal source of creativity and I truly enjoy working with him.”

— Craig Gatrel, Owner/Principal, Phoenix Performance Associates

“Kumar’s ability to represent complex scenarios in a visually simple way has amazed me any time I worked with him. He is highly creative and a very dedicated professional who has deep knowledge about software development and distribution processes. His attention to detail and ability to work with different teams at different levels of organization always helped the projects he was involved with.”

— Dinker Abraham, Software Configuration/Build Manager, KPMG

“Whenever I ask Kumar a question he tells me that he’ll give me the answer for twenty bucks. Well, after working for him for almost a year, I owe him about a zillion dollars. I am constantly amazed at the breadth and depth of Kumar’s technical and creative skills. He’s truly an amazing person! One of Kumar’s sharpest skills is his awesome ability to explain complex concepts through simple visuals. His ability to create graphics, PowerPoint presentations, charts, graphs and other images is exceptional. Also, he’s an absolute pleasure to work with. He’s always patient, understanding and fair. He’s extremely efficient and hard working. I am constantly amazed at the large volumes of work he finishes each day. I learned so much from working with Kumar, I think I owe him a lot more than just the zillion dollars.”

— Theresa Julian, Technical Writer – Global Adoption Team, KPMG LLP – ITS Global

“Whenever you face uncertainty in an IT project, I can recommend a very simple solution. Go to Kumar’s desk with a pen and paper or ask him to use his MS Visio or power point. Within minutes he will come out with pictures to show how to drive the project and the entire team will have a sigh of relief seeing the pictures. Kumar has a great vision to study the pros and cons of a project and has a great mentoring ability for his team members. He keeps track of critical KPIs and ensures quality and excellence in any deliverable. A never say die attitude when dealing hard times and he firmly believes that “THIS TOO SHALL PASS”. Working with Kumar is a great learning experience without a feel of that extra “PUSH”. I wish him all the success for future and hope someday I will know how he creates all those magic with power point.”

— Vikrant Gupta, IT Analyst, Tata Consultancy Services

“Kumar’s extensive knowledge of IT platforms, applications and design, build, test and implement phases meant that the project maintained a clear sense of vision even when under extreme pressure. Kumar’s skill with MS Windows applications is inspiring. His sunny approach to challenges and focussed solutions always meant that team meetings were a successful process and a joy to participate in. Kumar displayed continued team support in the face of adversity and never lost sight of the critical path needed to complete the project. I would recommend Kumar to lead or join any team as he combines both leadership skills with great team awareness bringing out the best in people.”

— Sarah Christie-Rundle, IBS Program Training Lead, KPMG LLP – ITS Global

“I worked with Kumar in Global Adoption Group at KPMG International. Kumar has the skills and experience to translate complex technical deployment projects into easily readible and visual documentation. Within a large organization such as KPMG with its diverse culture and multiple languages it is of vital importance to provide powerful tools in large scale transformation programs. In case you are looking for an efficient and reliable person on your adoption team, Kumar is the person you are looking for.”

— Wout Steurs, Senior Business Analyst and Business Transformation Manager, Change Management Consultant, KPMG International Headquarters

“Flat out dedication is the best way to describe Kumar. Although the work was as a volunteer, he always provided solutions in a timely and professional manner. Additionally, his easy going manner prompted fellow officers and club members alike to gravitate towards him for answers to anything at all. He was an inspiration to me in many areas of my life, not just Toastmasters. It should not be discounted that the club would not be as successful as it is without Kumar’s presence and efforts.”

 — Fred Eng, President, Art of Speaking Toastmasters Club

“Kumar is truly a role-model for our club members. He has perfected the art of multi tasking and manages his time with the greatest precision. He is a great leader, communicator, passionate team-player and a wonderful human being to work with.”

— Sandeep Dayal, President, Art of Speaking (Toastmasters Club)

“I worked with Kumar Kolaganti for approximately one year at KPMG implementing various features of RWD’s uPerform platform. Kumar’s technical proficiency was apparent from day one, and he was the first person I turned to on the project whenever I required a technical opinion. What makes Kumar unique is his rare combination of strengths; from technical expertise, to solution-oriented suggestions, to being a strong team player and a pleasure to work with.”

— Trishia Jandu, Professional Learning & Development Consultant

“Kumar is an exceptional leader. Not only is he a visionary in his approach to problem-solving, but he has the ability to take complex technology challenges and break them down so that everyone can understand what needs to be done — both the technologists and those more focused on the business side of the house. His management style makes everyone around him want to do better. I found myself wanting to do anything and everything to exceed his expectations. He was my favorite KPMG manager!!! I would strongly recommend Kumar for any leadership position in technology.”

— Larry Mathias, Organization Change Communications Specialist

“I’ve worked with Kumar for several years. Among his many qualities and capabilities of Kumar that excel above the rest, I hold these two in high regard: 1) Kumar’s standard for quality in everything he does makes him a sought out trusted advisor to all that know him. 2) Kumar can transform even the most complicated, relativistic concepts into straight forward, easy to understand communication.”

— Michael Scilingo, Manager IT, KPMG, worked with Kumar at KPMG LLP

“Kumar has a great ability to concisely represent complex scenarios in simple, visual terms and then articulate them in terms easily digestible by the team. Through that process, Kumar was consistently able to identify procedural and technical concerns that could be addressed by the team before impacting a project. He has excellent technical skills, absorbs information quickly, and always researches new processes, tools, and technologies thoroughly, bringing that knowledge to bear on the project. Kumar was a pleasure to work with.”

— Robb Antrobus, Associate Director, KPMG 

“Kumar consistently delivered on tasks and deliverables. He listens attentively at meetings and interviews and provides concise valuable analysis. Kumar’s reputation made him a valuable resource on critical systems implementations. He put in many extra hours and kept abreast of the latest technologies. Kumar held and still holds the respect of his peers for both his technical knowledge and his profressional demeanor. In simpler terms, Kumar is ‘go-to’ and ‘get done’.”

— Norma Jean Macauto, CEDS, Associate Director IT, KPMG LLP

“Kumar is a pleasure to work with. His attention to detail and ability to present big picture in different levels of abstraction made him the go to person on numerous cross-functional initiatives. He is knowledgeable, hardworking and quality focused. I wish him all the best and look forward to work with him again in future.”

— Sridhar Pattisapu, Associate Director, KPMG LLP 

“While working with Kumar I was impressed in his process-oriented and system thinking approach to problem solving. He is a good communicator, business outcomes focused, and very hard working. A valuable asset to any organization.”

— Bala Vaddi, Project Manager Architecture, KPMG

“I had the great pleasure of working on the same team with Kumar at KPMG. He is a highly creative and dedicated individual who has a broad spectrum of IT knowledge and experience. In addition to his expertise in understanding the inner workings of highly technical based global projects, he is a total professional who maintains an exceptional work ethic. He leads by example and is someone who would be an asset to any organization who was lucky enough to have him onboard. Lorraine Santoli Former KPMG Communications Consultant”

— Lorraine Santoli, Communications Consultant, KPMG 

“Kumar conveys a wealth of information technology expertise and is extremely open to sharing information in order to retain top talent.”

— Scott Schnierer, was Kumar’s client

“Kumar is a quick learner who has a keen eye for attention to detail. He is good at clearly articulating requirements and where there is a mismatch works well to ensure success. He demonstrates savvy in working and managing virtual teams.”

— Alfred Kee, Manager, Global Desktop Operations, KPMG International

“I have had the pleasure of working with Kumar at the international public speaking forum, Toastmaster’s, and have found him to be a multi talented, extremely humorous, always helpful and an exceedingly versatile gentleman. Anyone looking for an IT professional with global leadership skills need look no further than Kumar.”

 — Sanjeev Dayal, Team Lead, Global IT Security, Hess Corp.

“I had an opportunity to work with Kumar when we organized the Toastmasters Conference for NY/NJ District of Toastmasters International in May 2008. Kumar lead the fundraising committee that successfully raised funds to pay for expenses in hosting the event. In addition to his leadership and a great sense of humor, he was very resourceful in the overall planning and execution of the conference. He wore many hats and his presence was felt across the committees- creating publicity material, contributing to entertainment program, and actively contributing to discussions during inter-committee meetings. Thanks to his efforts the conference ended up on the positive side financially that tremendously helped in hosting the two day event with a record number of attendees in the NY/NJ District.”

— Vijay Pedapudi, 2008 Spring Conference Chair, Toastmasters International District 46

“Kumar Kolaganti is extremely creative and talented and very helpful. He was a tremendous help with the District 46 Toastmasters International Spring Conference. He designed the brochures and powerpoints that we used to inform the public and raise money. He was one of the most successful Fundraising chair’s we ever had and his methods were/are used as a model for future conferences. He also won the first prize in th district website contest and was cited for his originality and creativity.”

— Radhi Spear, District 46 Governor, Toastmasters International

“I had the opportunity to work with Kumar on a national project as well as a daily operational level. In both cases, Kumar demonstrated keen business insight as well as one who was always willing to work as a team to get the job done. Kumar always had a calming effect on the team even under the most stressful of circumstances. The product he delivered was consistently thorough and well done. Overall, Kumar is an absolute pleasure to lead and work with and I would consider a person or organization fortunate to have Kumar on their team.”

— Kevin Kelley, Associate Director, KPMG 

“Kumar has the unique mix of project management skill and technical knowledge that is needed to succeed in Information Technology. Having worked closely with Kumar on many challenging projects, I know of few other managers who successfully bridge the gap between highly technical people and the management realm.”

— Woody Cooper, Project Manager, Desktop & Distribution Services

“Kumar is one of the most dedicated and team oriented professionals it has been my pleasure to work with. Among his many strong qualities are his positive attitude, attention to detail, ability to get things done, and people management skills.”

 — Gary Hirsh, Associate Director of IT, KPMG

“Kumar was a pleasure to work with – he was results-oriented, did a great job within a very fast-paced, changing environment, and juggled the ceaseless demands from myself and others with calm. I was always happy to hear Kumar was working on a project with me because I knew his end of the project would be delivered on time and it would be what we needed.”

— Helen McLane, Associate Director, KPMG

“I had the opportunity to work with Kumar as well as for Kumar as my performance manager. Kumar is very talented from both the business side as well as the technical side. His knowledge of software management and distribution as well as overall reporting services was second to none.”

— Rick Ekeland, Project Manager, Infrastructure Architecture

“Kumar is one of the most dedicated individuals I have known. His knowledge and expertise in project management and software distribution/packaging is indispensable to the day to day operation of KPMG. His guidance and leadership have successfully lead project after project. Working with Kumar was a pleasure, and he is an asset to any organization he is a part of.”

— Ken Parmelee, Senior Associate, KPMG 

“Kumar is a diligent, driven person with his sights set on perfection.”

— Kyle Frederick, Consultant, Professional Services, Ignite Technologies

“Kumar is a thorough, detail oriented professional at KPMG. It was a pleasure working with Kumar and I would not hesitate to engage in future project work with him.”

— David Wachtel, Senior Consultant II, Ignite Technologies, Inc.

“Kumar has exceptional ability to build relationships and trust while keeping projects on track. He is an excellent Project Managment Professional and is capable of greater responsibilities.”

— David Tucker, Director of Alliance Program, Ignite Technologies

“I have known Kumar for the last 7 years and he has consistently proved to be a hard working person, with the tenacity to succeed at every level. His personal and professional skills are great. I have found Kumar to be very communicative and enthusiastic. Kumar is always ready to assist and very proactive in answering questions. It has been a pleasure working with him and I can see why he gets the respect from his clients, as well from his peers. I appreciate also his human approach in contacting people and his flexibility in his way of thinking.”

 — Kavita Gandhi, CISSP-ISSAP, ISSMP, Senior Information Security Consultant, Bluestorm

“Kumar is professional, pleasant, and creative. Kumar is able to provide leadership and solutions through challenging circumstances. It is refreshing to have a dedicated and and knowledgeable staff member on your team with his level talent. I highly recommend Kumar, and would welcome the opportunity to have him on my team in the future.”

— Glenn Seidman, Regional Director, BlueStorm, 

“Working with Kumar was a great experience. His ability to motivate people and achieve project goals are with out question high on the scale. He has strong business ethics and is a great team player.”

— Marc Clouse, Project Manager, Butler

“I know Kumar close enough for a longtime to describe him to be very highly professional having solid technical foundation. He is a very motivated, team player with excellent decision-making capability and camaraderie. I saw him handling crisis moments with apt finesse and cool mind. He is a charm to work with and would definitely be a wealth to any organization.”

— Partha Paul, Technical Manager, IBM

“Kumar is a rare breed of professional with a strong understanding of technology and business. I have seen him in action with customers and partners, where he clearly demonstrated his ability to understand their business needs and recommend areas where technology can deliver efficiency and value. He is an excellent team player and I learnt a lot from him.”

— Azam Sheikh, Territory Manager, Tata Unisys

“I’ve Known Kumar from 16+ years he is a very dynamic and enthusiastic. He is a person who is full of energy and keeps the team and all those around him in best of spirits. Well known for keeping a smile at all times, which is a rare quality. He was truly an asset to the organization. Kumar’s Knowledge and meticulousness which used to be shown while at work in decision making or to address any problem is worth picking up from him. He believes in amicably solution with all stakeholders going back satisfied this speaks a lot about his knowledge and negotiation skills. He is very supportive to team issues and liked by all in the organization. It was a very fruitful experience working with him.”

— Prabha Mannar, Training Manager, Tata Infotech Limited

“Kumar has been a wonderful colleague and friend not only to me but to most of the team members. He is very humble and focussed. It is not too often that one encounters professionals with good technical knowhow, committment of the highest order and an attitude to learn from everything around you. These qualities makes him an exceptional professional. Wish him success at all times”

— Sathya Narayanan, Product Specialist, Tata Unisys Ltd